Canada Eases Medical Rules for PR

Canada to relax medical inadmissibility rules

On March 2016 the Federal Government announced its plan to permanently change medical inadmissibility rules in the Canada Gazette. It is making a 2018 Pilot into a permanent policy, by relaxing the restrictions on certain foreign nationals with disabilities from getting permanent residence.

Before that under the old rules, whose personal care would cost more than the Canadian average of about $7000 per year; Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada (IRCC) could deny entering in the Canada. Many people felt this rule discrediting people with disabilities and not considering them into Canadian values such as inclusion and dignity.

Now, it becomes more difficult for the people to immigrate Canada who needs medical and social support because the Canada has tripled this threshold to about $21000.

Currently, the persons whose condition costs public services more than the average annual cost or if treatment for the condition increases wait time to Canadians are defined as ‘excessive demand’ by Canadian Immigration Laws.

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